Organic Graphics

Website Services

Think of your website as an extension of your business, another store, another location. At Organic Graphics, we know that website design must reflect the feel and style of your business. A visitor to your site should feel as welcome and as comfortable as if they walked into your store or office, because moving on to a competitor's website is even easier than walking out your door. Organic Graphics offers website design and maintenance that:

  • Reflects the feel and style of your business.
  • Is easy to navigate and find the information needed.
  • Can be a simple informational website or a detailed complex design containing forms, charts, animated graphics, etc.
  • Promotes repeat visitors & maintains name recognition by keeping content fresh with page updates and regular additions through our monthly maintenance service.
  • Is affordable for SOHOs as well as larger businesses.
  • Maintains a goal to drive traffic/revenue to your physical as well as online store through the advertising and name recognition a website offers.